Create outstanding 3D images without special equipment!

Take photos with your own camera and create a perfect 3D image. Enjoy 3D effect without 3D glasses.

Whether you are a passionate photographer, stereoscopy lover or simply interested in trying out new things, enter the world of possibilities with 3DWiggle.

About 3DWiggle

3DWiggle is a PC/ Mac desktop software for adjusting existing 3D images or creating new 3D images from two regular photos. Adjust or align any stereogram (stereo cards, cross-eye images or MPO) and create high quality 3D images according to your own needs. No automated software, no restrictions, no headache. AND NO additional expensive equipment! You can enjoy your 3D experience on all displays and without 3D glasses.

It’s easy! Take two photos (left and right) with your camera or download any stereogram from the web, upload them to the software and start playing! Make your MPOs, videos or animated GIFs more interesting and fun! What you’ll get is a wigglegram – a real 3D image that can be viewed on any standard screen without glasses.

Would you like to have a look at 3D images from your smart phone? Download for free 3DWiggle Player and skim through 3D images on your smart phone or tablet. All you need to do is to upload your stereograms from the web or your phone gallery and experience 3D like never before! Check the samples in the app to see the possibilities. Now, you can show off entire albums in 3D, with no ads!

Do you have a WordPress or Concrete5 website? We created a 3DWiggle plug-in for WordPress and Concrete5 that allows you to integrate 3D images (wigglegram or breezegram) to your business website, portfolio or blog in a matter of seconds! Integrate 3D images to your website and make your website stand out from the crowd!

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Before and after

Adjust or align any stereogram (stereo cards, cross-eye images or MPO).


And enjoy the 3D experience on all displays and without 3D glasses!


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3dwiggle fish 3d image examples


3dwiggle breezegram example


Authentic 3D image and no extra costs!

The necessary equipment to make high quality 3D images is pretty pricy and limiting. 3DWiggle software is affordable to everyone. You can create and enjoy 3D images without any further expense.

Capture the moment without setup!

Just pull out your camera and shoot! You don’t need a tripod, a slider or other equipment for setup. Use every opportunity to capture all the life’s great moments and turn them into a vivid and enduring experience.

Any camera is good

You don’t need a professional camera, now you can take photos with a standard compact camera, or with your smart phone and tablet. Take shots wherever you are, upload them to your desktop software and make it wiggle for the 3D effect.

No special equipment needed

3DWiggle is all you need! Just take shots with your smart phone, compact camera or DSLR, drag them to the 3DWiggle software and adjust to your liking. The 3DWiggle will do the rest!


Best 3D image quality

Full control over the 3D image while wiggling is what makes 3DWiggle unique! The software grants you with adjustment features for speed, sharpness, perspectives and more before exporting and sharing your 3D image. This way you will produce wiggling images with highest quality that you can use for business or fun.

Correct all distortions

3DWiggle is a unique software where you can correct all the distortions of the images you take in a simple, accessible and enjoyable way. The corrections are made while the animation (image) is playing or wiggling – particularly helpful when creating your perfect 3D image. Do you want more information? Click here!

No further licensing

Once you buy the 3DWiggle software, you can use your perfectly made 3D images for any personal or business use. Without further costs and licensing you can publish, share or integrate your 3D images on any website or social media channels.

Try ALL features, then buy

We provide you with an opportunity to try out the entire software, using all the features (except save and export) for an unlimited amount of time. Play endlessly with 3DWiggle, test all the features and let us know what you think! If you run into a problem during the tryout, just contact our support team.

Show it off to your friends!

With the 3DWiggle Player app you can show your 3D image (wigglegram or breezegram) to anyone anywhere! 3DWiggle Player is a completely free and simple mobile or tablet application that allows you to view 3D images without adjusting them in the software. Check it out!

Showcase your products and amaze your customers!

Integrate 3DWiggle plug-in to your business website and give your customers a memorable view of your offer! Whether you are a corporation, organization, small business or a freelancer, with 3D images your products and services will stand out from the crowd!

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New features


Now you can correct image sharpness

Sharpness feature enables you to adjust the sharpness difference between the left and the right image in order to create an excellent 3D image, or adjust the sharpness of the whole image to enhance 3D effect.

Better speed and transition effect

3DWiggle allows you to set the speed for each image individually providing you with the best experience. Improved 3DWiggle gives you the option of applying differentiated fade effect to wiggling images. This effect eases the wiggling animation by smoothing transitions between images (the left and the right image).

Integrate 3D images to your website

We created a 3DWiggle plug-in for WordPress and Concrete5 that allows you to integrate 3D images (wigglegram or breezegram) to your business website, portfolio or blog in a matter of seconds! Make your website stand out from the crowd!

Entire 3D galleries with one drag&drop with JustResizeIt!+

When you need to rapidly send or show a series of wigglegrams or breezegrams, you can create a HTML gallery for your PC/ Mac or the web in a matter of seconds. Our software, JustResizeIT+ recognizes 3DWiggle images and builds the HTML code enabling images to wiggle or breeze in all browsers.




Be in full control of your 3D effect

Get full control over your image (stereoscopic) and achieve the 3D effect you want! With a series of features you can adjust the stereoscopic images (stereo cards and cross-eye images) on your own creating the needed effect, in accordance with the purposes of your business or personal entertainment.

Simple and fast

3DWiggle drastically simplifies and speeds up the process of creating wiggle 3D images. It allows you to adjust the images fast and without stress. All the features for image adjustment are integrated into the software interface.

Standard photography adjustments

Once the images are inserted into 3DWiggle, the software allows you to make corrections and alterations to the images with the standard photographic features. Integrated options for sharpness, brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment will improve the overall wiggling or breezegram effect.

Multitude of formats

3DWiggle allows you to open different kinds of image formats you can use to create a 3D image.

  • MPO file (Multi Picture Object)
  • 2D images – any digital camera photography (2 images for creating a 3D image)
  • Animated GIF
  • Stereoscopic images (stereo cards or cross-eye image)
  • Sony 3D Multi Angle images

Correct all distortions

3DWiggle is a unique software where you can correct all unwanted distortions created while taking the image. The corrections are made while the animation is playing or wiggling – particularly helpful when creating your 3D image. It even allows you to correct the difference in distance and the skew.

Adjust the images while wiggling

The uniqueness of this 3DWiggle feature lies in adjustment while the animation is playing (wiggling). It’s essential when it comes to easing the wiggling process, speed and quality of all adjustments.

Set the wiggle point and intensity

Set the X- and Y-axis difference between the images. Combined with the zoom difference and the alignment, you can choose the center point of your wigglegram. Feel the simplicity of the composition, accentuate important details or sense the depth of scenery.

Export 3D image for web

Now you can export your 3D image for web, at a very low size. Send your 3D image to a friend or a colleague by e-mail fast, or post it on your website, blog or social media, and let your creativity shine!

Quick open from the web

With some browsers, you can drag&drop stereoscopic images and animated GIF wigglegrams directly onto 3DWiggle software and start playing. Now, you can enjoy images from the web with a much better quality.

Export in multitude of formats

Animated GIF (the most common format for sharing)
Video (share on most video sharing platforms)
Stereoscopic image (stereo cards or cross-eye image)
Stereo card + HTML or cross-eye image + HTML

Extensive support

Get the most out of your 3DWiggle software! Our team provides you with detailed instructions and constant tips on how to use all the features. Everything you need to learn about using 3DWiggle is right here.



Make a 3D image from 2 photographs

Shoot one image, then slightly slide the camera to the right and take the second image. Open them in 3DWiggle software and create a wigglegram – 3D image that wiggles creating the real 3D effect. Adjust your wigglegram with various options in the software and create a flawless 3D image for business or fun! Check different wigglegram themes in our Gallery!


Make your images look alive!

We invented a brand new name for images that are softly adjusted in order to create special effects!
Take a series of images of the same scene where some of the objects are in slight movement while holding your camera as still as possible. Adjust them in 3DWiggle and get some amazing breezegrams. Take a peek of our Gallery!


Reach the perfect quality

Would you like to showcase your products or services with 3D images, but you are not sure how to adjust the images perfectly with your 3DWiggle software?
Let us make your life easier! Just send us a series of photos you would like to wiggle or breeze and we will create perfect 3D images for you! Make your business offer more engaging and take your portfolio to a new level!

Starting price: $1,25 per image

How to use 3DWiggle

Step 1.

Shoot your own 3D images

You can take 3D images with any camera, even with your smartphone. Just take two images, the left and the right.

Or, open a 3D image

Open or drag & drop any stereoscopic image (stereo cards, cross-eye, MPO and animated GIF) file into 3DWiggle.
Search the web for “side-by-side 3D” or “stereoscopic” and enjoy the better 3D effect.


Step 2.

Adjust the 3D effect

Turn the animation (play) on and adjust the images roughly, then use a series of 3DWiggle features for fine tuning.
Step 3.

Save and export

Save and export in wanted format (video, animated GIF, stereogram, +HTML code).
Step 4.


Share with friends or showcase your business products in 3D!

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