The Purrrr Effect of Cat GIFs

The idea for this topic came from our boss. Few days ago he was telling us about enormous amount of images of cats on the web. He said that GIFs of cats would pop up wherever his online search took him. He literally thought he had missed an important event involving cats. šŸ™‚

Intrigued by this, I immediately ran to my computer in the office and typed in search ā€œcat photoā€ and ā€œcat GIFā€. And, my God, what I have found: a catsā€™ internet empire. Who wouldā€™ve thought that cats were such a popular web topic and image subject. I was […] Read more

Misconceptions About Photographers

Over the past years we have heard many stories about photographers and a great life they lead. It seems like a laid back, creative and fun profession. Set the scene as you like, take a couple of snaps as you like and there you have it. If you are good enough, you may even be praised intoĀ an artist. How hard is that? Well, it’s a lot harder than you might think. If you are a photographer, you will know what we are talking about. Today, we are listing the most common myths and misconceptions about photographers and their work. If […] Read more

The Only Digital Photography Resources You’ll Ever Need

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies and one of the most loved professions in the world! Thousands and thousands of people stream through social media, forums, articles on photography every day. From beginners and hobbyists to famous professionals, they all gather and share photo visual and reading photo information.

Over the last decade so many websites on photography images, techniques, equipment etc. were born. Alongside the expansion of social media: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest photography took over the web. This makes it almost impossible to choose the right sources of information or the right professionals to follow.

To make your life […] Read more

5 Celebrities That Are Into Photography – Musician Edition

Some great photographers don’t always get the attention they deserve. This is especially the case if they are already celebrities in an industry different from photography. In this post, we’ll reveal a few celebrities who are talented photographers. Their fame, however, comes from accomplishments they made in a different branch of art ā€“ the world of music.

1. Bryan Adams

Marco Maas, Bryan Adams Hamburg MG 0631 flickr, CC BY 2.0

Bryan’s great talent goes beyond his skills as a musician. He is a true artist and a devoted photographer. His photo work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, British […] Read more

11 Exciting Places for Taking Photos

The world of photography is the world of endless excitement and possibilities that allows you to choose where your memories will take place. Almost every person we know says their wish is to take photos in some extraordinary place, so we were inspired to make a list of the most exciting places to take photos. From wild Safari to the highest skyscrapers, what follows are our 11 suggestions of most thrilling ones.

1. On Top of the Bridge

Everyone seems to be in love with selfies these days, and that is perfectly fine with us. We like them too, but taking them […] Read more

How Can Photography Make Your Life Better?

Today, photography is a part of our daily lives and we are definitely living in the golden age of photography. The great majority would agree that photography is one of the most important methods of documentation events, history, feelings and memories, in general. We would not exaggerate if we say that world of photography is a world of magic. Photography can contribute to making our lives better. How does it do it? We are more than willing to give you our opinion on this subject. Continue reading and find out how we think photography can make your life better!

Capture Precious […] Read more

Fashion Lookbook in 3DWiggle Technology

Fashion brand, Sisters Code by SBC, presented their new look-book. The theme of the look-book is the new pre-collection SS16, the collection characterized by simple and casual pieces that look great on both daily and evening occasions. Aside from fashionable pieces of clothes, this look-book has another essential value.

For the first time ever a look-book is created with 3DWiggle technology. This special issue will be premiered at the end of this month (may, 2016). 3DWiggle technology is a technology that falls into stereoscopy industry. 3DWiggle Software uses two 2D photographs to create a 3D image. Two photographs are taken, one […] Read more

Enrique Iglesias Concert in 3D: Case study

One of the greatest pop stars, Enrique Iglesias, performed yesterday in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. Regardless different music tastes within our team, we were all interested to see the spectacle Enrique would throw on the “Arena” concert stage.

We went to the concert without any equipment, with only personal smart phones in our pockets. The concert hall was crowded, but we managed to get the places right next to the stage. After an hour of DJ time, Enrique took over the stage. The energy he brought was wild! At some point all of us pulled out our smart phones and […] Read more

Why do we love Breezegram?

Why do we love Breezegram?

Have you ever wondered how to make a still photo look alive or how to make your photo more dynamic? If you have, then welcome aboard! Today we are going to talk about Breezegram ( ā€˜ā€™living photoā€™ā€™). Breezegram is one of the newest techniques in the world of photography. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, this technique will not leave you indifferent. If you are still confused, donā€™t go anywhere. Continue reading, because we are more than happy to clear things up.

Breezegram isā€¦?

Breezegram is the name for images with a slight movement. Breezegram […] Read more

7 Uses of Wigglegram

The best of your photo memories in 3D

We are used to receive everything in images. Beautiful photographs are all around us, we make them and receive them. What if you could make your memories, marketing visuals or creative expressions more engaging?

From our most personal items – cell phones or books – to restaurants, sidewalks and high-ways. Literally, everything we take in our hands or see is covered in visuals. Not so surprising, though. We humans, are visual creatures – 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. We process visual detail and associate it to a certain meaning. This […] Read more