Breezegrams are…


Breezegrams are images with a slight movement. Breezegram stands for still images in which subtle and minor changes occur. They can bring a new powerful look to your image and make it more refined and alluring.

Breezegrams are great when you need to create a subtle movement effect. It can be used for demonstrating movements in events or panoramic images. They are also effective when it comes to profile captures, eg. single facial movements of the eyes, mouth or hair.

When it comes to choosing a scene to shoot make sure you have something in your scene that is in slight movement. Subtlety is a key for a good breezegram. Shoot someone’s eyes blinking, hair moving with the wind and capture the true emotion in a photo. Your scene doesn’t have to include a person. You can shoot gentle movements of a lake, an ocean, the sea, grass or leaves. The best advice we can give you is to experiment and to use imagination with your shoots.The end-result is amazing. Afterward, you can share your masterpiece with your friends on social media, your blog or website.

We suggest the use of breezegrams in fashion, make-up and hair industry, as well as in tourism, events or art.