Learn more with our quick tutorial

Follow these easy steps to adjust a wiggle 3D image

1. Open an 3D image

Double click or drag & drop any MPO or JPS file into 3DWiggle (JPG and GIF images can also be loaded)

2. Align layers roughly

Drag with the mouse until the images are roughly aligned

3. Click play

The wiggling starts, but it is probably chaotic

4. Fine adjust layers

While the image is wiggling, move the layer with the arrow keys until you find the steady focal point. Play around, as a calm image is often just a pixel away. Then adjust the angle of the layer by rotating it (controls on the right). You probably need to adjust the position after rotating.
If you used a normal digital camera, you will probably need to correct the axis X, Y and to adjust the skew and the zoom.

5. Adjust additional animation parameters

Play with animation effect and duration until you are happy with the result.

6. Adjust image colors

Fix the imperfections of your camera or the shooting conditions.

7. (Optional) Save the adjusted image

If you didn’t activate the Autosave feature, you need to save the image to save the adjustments

8. Export the image

You can export image as Video, animated GIF, or other formats like JPEG Side-by-side or JPEG Crosseye. You can even generate a complete HTML file for wiggling your image in a web browser with ease.

Click on Export, set the area to export and choose the format.

Note: Be aware that not every 3D image will render well as a wiggle image. Just the same, some 3D images render better as wiggle images than viewed on a 3D equipment.