Why should you know what wiggle stereoscopy is?

Why should you know what wiggle stereoscopy is?

If you want to find out an answer to this question and have a unique insight into the world of wiggle stereoscopy, what does it mean, how does it work, then you are in the right place. All your questions can be answered in today’s blog. Just keep reading!


What wiggle stereoscopy means?

You have probably heard the original meaning of the word wiggle (to move up and down or from side to side with small, quick movements). But, did you know that word wiggle in stereoscopy means something else? Wiggle, wobble or piku-piku are different names for the same technique in stereoscopy. With this technique, you can get the smoothest 3D effect without using 3D glasses and overpriced equipment. You do not need to torture yourself and cross your eyes! It is a rather straightforward process. How is that possible? It is simple! Wiggle stereoscopy uses two regular photos, one next to the other (left and right). When you combine these two, you get a unique animated photo, called Wigglegram. The term Wigglegram was the invention of a British photographer Brian Harte in 2007. He was interested in optical illusions and vision. Cool right? Here is how wiggle stereoscopy actually works.


fish in the aquarium 3dwiggle example




How can you make a Wigglegram?



Now that you know a little bit more about the term wiggle, we will give you some tips about taking your left and right photos. When you are taking the photos, always have in mind that you are taking two identical images at a slightly different angle. It is important to take a photo of a still object. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a perfect 3D effect. The most effective wiggling photos are made with the slightest shift of a camera.


When it comes to the object of the photograph make some smart choices! Avoid taking photos of buildings, streets, mountains because bigger the object you have in front of you and closer you get to that object, it is harder to cover it with your camera. They cannot give you proper 3D illusion and your Wigglegram will not be the most brilliant one. Instead, take photos of cars, food, jewelry, animals and monuments. In this cases you can cover the whole object and you won’t ruin 3D effect. Just remember to avoid moving objects because you will not get the smoother 3D illusion and your Wigglegram will jump heavily! Try it, we guarantee you will have fun.Find your own angle and shoot.


fruit on the table 3dwiggle example


How to see the 3D effect with wiggle stereoscopy technique?

You are probably wondering what is the catch with this technique. The advantage of wiggle stereoscopy is that any wigglegram can be viewed without the use of any 3D glasses. Wearing them sometimes can be uncomfortable and they can be pricey. What is even better, you do not need to use any special equipment! All you really need is a digital camera and cheapest smartphone available. So far so good, don’t you think? If you want to create your Wigglegram, we have good news for you! One of the solutions and our warm recommendation for you would be using a 3DWiggle software. 3DWiggle software simplifies the whole process of creating wigglegrams. Good news is that you don’t need 3D glasses to see 3D effect. It is nothing too complicated and you can get the best result. You can try it out and share your thoughts here. We will be more than glad to read them. Wish you happy wiggling.

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