When Shooting Stereo Photos Made Us Go Crazy

Do you ever feel frustrated? Of course you do. We all do. It‘s perfectly natural to feel so every now and then. Whether it is something about your job or something you love to do, like shooting 3D photos for example. It happens. You are human after all. When this happens, just remember the story we are about to tell you in a couple of seconds. Maybe it will help you get through one of those moments when camera just refuses to cooperate. Here we go…

We never use any particularly special equipment for shooting photos. No tripods, no […] Read more

The Purrrr Effect of Cat GIFs

The idea for this topic came from our boss. Few days ago he was telling us about enormous amount of images of cats on the web. He said that GIFs of cats would pop up wherever his online search took him. He literally thought he had missed an important event involving cats. 🙂

Intrigued by this, I immediately ran to my computer in the office and typed in search “cat photo” and “cat GIF”. And, my God, what I have found: a cats’ internet empire. Who would’ve thought that cats were such a popular web topic and image subject. I was […] Read more