Test Your Stereoscopy Knowledge

Do you think you have a solid basis when it comes to stereoscopy and 3D? Here’s your chance to test or upgrade your knowledge! Take the quiz and share your scores! Good luck!

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1) What exactly is Stereoscopy(also called stereoscopics)?
2) Visual ability to perceive the world in 3D and the distance of an object is called…?
3) An instrument in which two photographs of the same object, taken from slightly different angles, are simultaneously presented, one to each eye is called…?
4) Animated photo that simulates a 3D effect by looping a few frames of an object is called…?
5) What is the name of 3D effect achieved by means of encoding each eye’s image using filters or different colors?
6) When were first stereo photographs taken?
7) What are Piku-piku and Wobble?
8) Which of these legendary guitarists is a stereoscopy lover?
9) Who introduced first stereoscope in 1833?
10) How is called the earliest confirmed 3D film shown in 1922?
11) What Cha-Cha method means?
12) ‘’Stereo blind’’ is a description for someone who...?

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