What will stereoscope be like in a 100 years?

3D tech and its younger sibling VR, are growing up fast. Try and keep up.

As the time goes by, 3D technology and gadgets, of course, develop pretty fast. If you are not in tech review business, there is a chance that you will never try some of the best products of our time. The reason is simple, they are just not affordable.

Well, it wasn’t always like that. For almost a century, we used one gadget for experiencing 3D effect – a stereoscope. The funny thing is, this antique product is still on the market.

And we will use it for a long time, but more enhanced version which I like to call steroidscope :-), aka VR console.


It only takes a second for you to find out if stereoscope is going to be your new toy


For more than 100 years people have been using stereoscopes for 3D viewing. That’s the first thing I learned when I started exploring 3D devices. Then, I explored some more and realized why is it still popular, well it’s successors to be exact. It is easy to use and it fulfills its purpose.

Basic stereoscopes have two lenses which enable you to see already prepared stereo cards as one 3D picture. For people with normal sight, two magnifying lenses with a focal length of 30 cm are enough to see the 3D effect. If you are nearsighted or farsighted you’ll have to adjust the lenses so they suit your sight. Meaning, until you see a proper 3D picture. I don’t know about you guys, but the first time I experienced this 3D effect through a stereoscope, I was as happy as a kid on the Christmas morning. And believe you me, I was not a kid at that moment, but I was in love with stereoscopy in a matter of seconds.


Stereoscope vs VR console

Put away your 3D glasses, 3D effect is all around


Today, simplicity is something we can not afford. Although we are trying to make our lives easier with the gadgets and software we create, it seems that you only need to learn more stuff every day. It is kind of a paradox if you ask me.

Using basic stereoscopes does not require any software to see the 3D effect. But since we are already in front of monitors every day, it is pretty neat to explore 3D in a new light. Creating and enjoying 3D pictures has never been easier and it only takes a little of your time. You can either use old stereo cards, which you can find online, or take pictures with your smart phone. After that, just follow these steps:

– import pictures to 3DWiggle image adjusting software

– adjust images according to your preference

– export in wanted format (cross-eye or side-by-side stereogram, wigglegram as animated gif, video…)

For seeing the 3D effect with these formats, you don’t need 3D glasses or any extra equipment. A little practice maybe, but that is all.


Potential application of VR is yet to be discovered


Futuristic 3D tech is almost here. According to Tech M&A advisory firm Digi-Capital, virtual reality market is estimated to grow from almost nothing to $30 billion by 2020. That’s pretty brave estimation considering that for now it is a niche for hardcore tech enthusiasts.

As I mentioned earlier, steroidscope… Um, sorry VR consoles are on the market as you read this post. Some of them are not exactly cheap and they require powerful machines to work as they should. But, they develop so fast that soon enough they will be affordable. To be honest, I can’t wait to own one. Just imagine the application of VR console for a second. Now and in future. Here are the two from the top of my mind:

– Gaming, of course. For some of us, that’s the main reason to own it

– Travel experience – you can “be” anywhere you want, but still in comfort of your chair

Considering that big companies such as Samsung, Facebook, HTC etc. are putting a lot of money in this industry, I can only believe that we are going to see this technology everywhere in years to come. I don’t see it as a necessity like phones, but they’ll sure find a way to include it in our everyday lives. Where do you see the application of VR consoles? Give me your thoughts in the comment section.

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