Why do we love Breezegram?

Why do we love Breezegram?

Have you ever wondered how to make a still photo look alive or how to make your photo more dynamic? If you have, then welcome aboard! Today we are going to talk about Breezegram ( ‘’living photo’’). Breezegram is one of the newest techniques in the world of photography. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, this technique will not leave you indifferent. If you are still confused, don’t go anywhere. Continue reading, because we are more than happy to clear things up.

Breezegram is…?

Breezegram is the name for images with a slight movement. Breezegram stands for still images in which subtle and minor changes occur. They can bring a new powerful look to your image and make it more refined and alluring.


volcano 3dwiggle example



How did we come up with the name Breezegram?

From the beginning, we wanted to create a short, effective, descriptive and unique name. It took us couple of days to agree on the right word for these type of photos. After a brainstorming session, we decided to blend two words, “breeze” and “gram”. We chose the word “breeze”, because it means a light, gentle, pleasant wind which reminded us of movements that result in the photos. We opted for the word “gram” because it is used to measure the weight and mass of light objects. It was a perfect combination because these words explain the very core of this technique.

What sets apart Breezegram from an ordinary photo?

There is nothing wrong with ordinary, still photos, they are beautiful and timeless. We love and appreciate their value but what if you could add a twist to your photos? Wouldn’t that be that interesting? That is exactly what a Breezegram can do. Creating a Breezegram means adding a twist to your photos, a dash of movement and a hypnotic appeal. You can also make your still photos more intriguing and appealing to your viewers and clients by adding a tiny change. Breezegram is captivating and great for visual storytelling . It definitely has that wow factor and impact that sets it apart from an ordinary photo. One of the things that makes a Breezegram so powerful and impressive is that you can bring a still photo to life. Besides, you can also give your work a creative boost. Creating a mesmerizing Breezegram can be relaxing and you can have a lot of fun doing it. We sure did :-).


fire 3dwiggle example

How can you create a Breezegram?

The process of creating a Breezegram is easy. You can use a smart phone or a regular digital camera. After some time, you will figure out what works best for you. The main point is to shoot the same scene several times without shaking the hand that holds the camera. You can use a tripod if it is easier for you. When it comes to choosing a scene to shoot make sure you have something in your scene that is in slight movement. Subtlety is a key for a good Breezegram. Shoot someone’s eyes blinking, hair moving with the wind and capture the true emotion in a photo. Your scene doesn’t have to include a person. You can shoot gentle movements of a lake, an ocean, the sea, grass or leaves. Next, you can shoot rain as it comes down, a car driving past you, traffic, flickering lights, steam rising out of a cup of coffee, water or wine being poured into a glass. The best advice we can give you is to experiment and to use imagination with your shoots. In the end, maybe you will up with something completely new. When it comes to adjusting your images, you can use Adobe Photoshop, but be warned that using Photoshop is often confusing and takes a lot of time. Our suggestion for you would be trying 3DWiggle image adjusting software. Not only is it simple to use 3DWiggle, but you can also save much time adjusting your Breezegram. As a matter of fact, you can create impressive Breezegram in just a few minutes. The end-result is pure magic. Afterward, you can share your masterpiece with your friends on social media, your blog or website. Now that you are a little bit more familiar with a whole process you can try it yourself and share your thoughts and first tries here!

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