7 Uses of Wigglegram

The best of your photo memories in 3D

We are used to receive everything in images. Beautiful photographs are all around us, we make them and receive them. What if you could make your memories, marketing visuals or creative expressions more engaging?

From our most personal items – cell phones or books – to restaurants, sidewalks and high-ways. Literally, everything we take in our hands or see is covered in visuals. Not so surprising, though. We humans, are visual creatures – 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. We process visual detail and associate it to a certain meaning. This is why pictures and photographs have a great deal of importance in our lives. We take photographs to conserve a memory, to create a meaningful depth between ourselves and a powerful scenery, to explore our creativity, to make our products more attractive to our customers.
The problem with this infinity of photographs presented to us and that we present to others is that we get easily bored with them. Thus, we are always looking for different ways to present our images, make them more amusing. This is where wigglegrams come in as a refreshing tool for making images more effective. Here are some ways you can use them:

1. Business

Wigglegrams are very effective when it comes product presentation. Product pictures of your business website and social media are extremely important. In general, research shows that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This is why we hire photographers to make us photos of our products or offices. Images are self-explanatory tools that have great power over our mind. As long as you are investing in a photographer or photo equipment, why not use those photographs to create 3D images. You can accentuate your top products in 3D or create an all-wigglegram website. Wigglegrams provide your visitors with a real depth of perception, more movement and a stronger feel. Also, wiggling visuals can help you add some spice to your social media channels to enhance user engagement.

2. Travel

Travel photography has become particularly popular in the last few years. They represent sharing of experience one gathers when going to a distant place or visiting a new culture. We enjoy looking at them and sharing them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could transmit a more profound picture of the scene you have just captured? Wouldn’t you like to feel as though you are in the very place you are looking at on the photo? Who wouldn’t, right? Wigglegrams are types of images that can almost transmit the air of the photographed place. Look at the image below. You can literally feel the rhythm of the water and the light weight the boat has on the water.

3. Professional photographer

Wiggle photography could be a new place of exploration for professional photographers. 3D effect produced entirely of photographs is certainly an exciting matter. It is a new technique of taking the photographs as well as adjusting them later. It’s almost safe to say that you will emerge yourself in books about stereoscopy and study how eyes and brain perceive  images. It’s contagious, believe you me! Soon enough wigglegrams will become your new project, technique or service you offer to your customers.


4. Abstract

Need I say that wigglegrams are perfect for anyone who is curious in spirit. It is a fuel for anyone who is ready to embark on a new adventure of their creativity. Combining things into something completely new while attributing a fresh conceptual meaning to it – that has always been a thrill for our team. Wigglegrams give that light movement to visual creations making still nature, lines and objects look alive.



5. Family memories

Of all the photographs that represent a sense of memory (contrary to the art), family photos are the ones we hold on to the most. Each photo taken during a family time becomes a piece of memorable collection we want to remember forever. There is always a powerful emotion is regarding family photos. Therefore, these moments deserve to be made into something that is out of the ordinary. We want to come back to these moments and relive them over and over again. Wigglegrams are the right choice for this.

6. Macro

Are you a “macro” lover? We are, too! We’ve experimented with macro wigglegrams more times than we can remember. Each time we get excited about it! It just looks so good and mighty. Almost like magic! This is because most wigglegrams require focus around one object. Micro photography by default means taking a photo of one object. When done well, macro wigglegrams can really blow your mind. It takes a bit of a learning curve and getting used to shoot for these type of macros, but it’s worth it!

7. Party

Taking photographs at a party or any type of event can be pretty tricky. Taking photographs for the party wigglegrams can be even more trickier. The result you get in the end, however, can be out of this world. You will probably need to arrange people a bit, that is to keep them still for a few seconds. All in all, party wigglegram is no different than any other wigglegram. The technique is the same. The tricky part lies in convincing people to pose for you in the right way. So, more than photographic skills, you’ll need some solid social skills to get your models to freeze. If this doesn’t work out for you, you can always take a series of photos of a splash of a champagne, the stereo, lights or a picture of the whole atmosphere from the bird-eye perspective. Once the party is over, you can make some amazing wigglegrams from these.




Visual content always comes in handy. It will grab attention of your audiences and family, and communicate key data or represent your memories in a natural way. Wigglegrams are supposed to raise the attention span and make the visuals more fun!
Have you tried making a wigglegram? How did you use them?


Enjoy making 3D photos!


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