39. Black and Easy Belgrade Fashion Week

Belgrade Fashion Week was established in 1996 as the first Fashion Week in Eastern Europe. It happens twice a year.

Each season BFW enables exchange of ideas and know-hows amongst designers and fashion brands on a national and international level.

BFW gathers the most important Serbian designers and fashion companies as well as some renowned foreign fashion designers and students. BFW is the opportunity for professionals in fashion industry and media to meet the latest fashion trends in one place.

Each year BFW develops important projects with celebrities to make an impact and rise awareness about the issues in our society. This year BFW organized a humanitarian fashion show – “Extend the life. Color in Red”. The fashion show referred to the issue of transplantation and donation of organs, and it was set up in collaboration with Hemofarm Fondation.

Belgrade Fashion Week is known for the great ability to merge artistic and commercial aspect of fashion.

Take a look at the gallery 39. BFW and fashion tendencies of 2016. All the photographs are adjusted with a brand new 3DWiggle technology to create the 3D effect. See the difference.



Nardou Couture dresses

Nardou Couture


Goga Grubjesic and Aleksandra Jankovic

Goga Grubjesic managing director of SuperStarWorldWide and Aleksandra Jankovic actress


Ana Stajdohar Singer

Ana Stajdohar Singer


Nevena Bozovic

Nevena Bozovic Singer


Nenad Radujevic

Nenad Radujevic director at the fashion studio Click/ director BFW


group photo on Black and Easy Belgrade Fashion Week

Igor Jagic fashion model, Nikola Todoric Bazar journalist, Bojana and Vladana Veljkovic editors fashionmag42


Valentina Obradovic fashion designer

Valentina Obradovic fashion designer


Victor Navarro fashion stylist

Victor Navarro, fashion


Marko Mitanovski fashion designer with Bojana and Vladana FashionMag42 editors

Marko Mitanovski,
fashion designer with Bojana and Vladana FashionMag42 editors


Lena Bogdanovic actress

Lena Bogdanovic –


Jelisaveta Orasanin- actress

Jelisaveta Orasanin-


Ivana Pilja, fashion designer

Ivana Pilja, fashion


Ornela Nkeza - fashion model

Ornela Nkeza – fashion


Sonja Pavlica, D.J. Girl Panic

Sonja Pavlica, D.J. Girl


Ana Stanic, regional pop star singer

Ana Stanic, regional pop
star singer


Article by Bojana Veljkovic – Tomić
Photo by Marija Velinov

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