6 Instagramers Who Are Into Stereoscopy You Need To Follow

We know you are a photographer! Yes, we do! As a matter of fact, we are looking at your portfolio right now. It looks pretty good, you are talented. No, don’t get confused, we haven’t hacked into your computer. We are just looking at your Instagram profile. It’s amazing how nowadays art work from so many good photographers is available to us wherever and whenever. We are astound by stunning photographs every day. And 3D images, as well. So, being stereoscopy geeks we couldn’t resist! We made up a list of some great Instagrammers who are into stereoscopy. If you are a stereoscopy lover too, these are the accounts you need to start following.




These guys are very serious when it comes to stereoscopy. And they are doing a great job. They are

doing their best to preserve stereophotography and its heritage by educating people about it through various

workshops. You can learn a lot just by checking out their Instagram profile. You can feel the atmosphere

from the workshops, enjoy some stereograms and check out the equipment they are using.


A video posted by Ben Schwartz (@stereo3d) on

The man behind this profile is a real 3D enthusiast. He goes by the name Ben Schwartz and he‘s a 3D/VR

Director from New York. For his Instagram followers, he mostly creates awesome wigglegrams,

but you can tell that he enjoys cinemagraphs almost equally. So if you share his enthusiasm for cinemagraphs too,

it’s another reason for following Ben.


A photo posted by Stereoscopic 3D (@3dmovieman) on

Interestingly enough, his real name is William (Will) Turner. Like a character from the famous

Pirates Of The Carribean franchise or the famous English painter. We don’t think either of the two inspired his

work, though. His Instagram profile is pretty flowery. Lots of beautiful flowers with beautiful colors.

In 3D, of course. But, what we appreciate the most about his photography is that he gives an opportunity to see

the 3D effect using both parallel viewing and cross-eyed technique on almost every picture he posts.



A photo posted by @londonstereoscopiccompany on

A man behind this profile is a multi-talented artist with a PhD in science, that we already

mentioned in one of our previous posts. Dr Brian May himself. The of him and his company is to share the wonders

of the world’s greatest 3-D images, from Victorian times to the present. Instagram profile will mainly

tell you about the events they organize and attend, although you may also bump into anaglyphs here and there,

so prepare your 3D glasses.


A video posted by 3Dor2d (@3dor2d) on

3dor2d is managed by Adolf Vega, a founder of 3dor2d.com. He is a professional 3D movie reviewer

who shares our enthusiasm for wiggle stereoscopy. Some of his latest posts are about augmented

reality and yes, you probably guessed it – Pokemon GO phenomenon. But, this sure came as a natural thing

since he is a big Nintendo 3DS fan. We‘ll leave something for you to explore, so make sure you

follow 3dor2d on Instagram.


A video posted by PERSPECgifs (@perspecgifs) on

If you enjoy wigglegrams as much as we do, your mind will be blown for couple of reasons with this one. First,

the wigglegrams he creates are amazing. The 3D effect is uncanny. Second and the most unusual thing about

his work is the equipment he uses. To make his effort more enjoyable and to give it more artistic value,

he uses an analog camera. With 35mm film. Wow! We‘re guessing it‘s not easy to create great wigglegrams

without a digital camera and image adjusting software. Well, that is why we created 3DWiggle software

in the first place. To make it easier for you guys. Anyway, this Instagramer is a true artist and you will sure

enjoy following his work. Btw, we suggest that you follow his Tumblr too, you won‘t be disappointed.


We will update this post as soon as we find more Instagramers for you to follow. But, be sure to share your

suggestions, too. We are constantly looking for creative people to follow and enjoy their amazing 3D accomplishments.

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